The use of this website is free of charge. All materials can be accessed and downloaded at no cost. The service philosophy at Greater Valley Safety Consulting Inc. is to enable our clients to become self-sufficient and self-reliant in terms of safety management. One of the best ways to help achieve this goal is to offer a great variety of downloadable safety materials, handouts, programs, training supplies and other literature at the click of a mouse button. This allows you, the client, instant access to more than 40 seperate classifications and several powerful tool.

Through the click of your mouse, you can download one of the many sample Injury and Illness Prevention Programs on file or a ready-made Hazard Communications Program. Many other sample programs are tailored to a specific industry or process. This includes restaurants, construction contractors, hotels, hospitals, office environments and many others.

This website is very comprehensive and is loaded with safety materials. Every effort has been made to keep the materials up-to-date. Should you have questions or comments regarding any of the programs, handouts or other information on this site, please contact us by email or phone at your earliest convenience.

Upcoming Events

  • Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 55th Annual Meeting
  • Sep 19 - 23
  • Red Rock Hotel
  • Las Vegas,NV
  • National Safety Council
  • Oct 30 - Nov 4
  • Pennsylvania Convention Center
  • Philadelphia,PA
  • 9th Annual California Workers’ Comp Forum
  • Oct 5 - 7
  • Huntington Beach,CA


We will partner with your company to develop good techniques and methods to help prevent injury on the workplace.

Inspection Service

We can conduct workplace surveys and inspections for insurance companies and brokers throughout the Western United States.